My wife and I had been visiting the shelter for weeks and weeks trying to connect with a dog. I grew up with Dobermans and my wife grew up with a pit bull. We simply didn't see eye to eye and gravitated toward different dogs. One day a friend called us early in the morning to join her for brunch and a walk through the SF SPCA; she was considering a second dog. My wife didn't want to go, because we had almost adopted a pittie puppy two weeks before but decided not to, and she was too heart broken to go back. I convinced her to go to brunch with a trip to the SF SPCA as optional. We folded and went to the shelter after, even though our friend decided not to go! As we entered the dog wing of the shelter my wife spotted Zoe, a small ball of white fur, running with mouth open and tongue trailing along beside her. You couldn't help but notice the black eyes. It's as if she spent two hours doing her own makeup, or maybe she's a big fan of Siouxsie And The Banshees, I don't know, but we were smitten. I told my wife we should meet her immediately, my wife hesitated, not wanting to be heartbroken, but I pressed on. Five minutes later we were brought into a room and a moment later Zoe came in. She was a ball of energy with a helicopter tail, freely extolling kisses and throwing her scrawny weight against us. A minute later she started sitting on command with the biggest smile on her face. There was no denying it: we were completely in loved with her. Zoe has grown into 60 lbs of the most awesome dog either of us have ever owned. She's not really a dog, she's our first born child. We take her everywhere we can; she has gone backpacking in the mountains, strolled vineyards and beaches, strutted through the city, and has brightened our life immensely. She's mellow in the morning, likes her beauty sleep, goes to bed early (even before us sometimes) but is ready to party on a moment's notice. We really can't imagine our life without Zoe; she's part of our family and we adore her.