Sugar & Bella

In December 2015 we lost our 23 year old cat, and after several months we were ready to take some new cat friends into our house. We went to the SF SPCA in March and spent a long time visiting all the cats and kittens available. When we entered the room with Sugar there was no question that he would be coming home with us—he immediately jumped down from his perch and started winding around our legs. He was friendly from the moment we met him, and as he's become more comfortable in his new home. He's become a staple of our lives. He's a heavy boy at almost 18 pounds, but he's a gently giant.

We wanted to see if we could also find him a companion to help fight off boredom while we were at work or out of the house. We soon found Bella, and we found that both of them had come from the Field Haven Feline Center recently. We took a chance that they might already know each other and get along. Bella was much shyer than Sugar, but she came to us immediately. When we got home they both had an adjustment period, carving our their own territory. At first Bella was quite territorial and dominated Sugar despite being 1/3 his weight, and we worried they might not get along. But in time they established a fragile peace and now are beginning to become friendly with each other, playing and resting together. We're grateful to both the SF SPCA and Field Haven for bringing these cats into our lives. We plan to make sure they are safe, cared for, and loved for the rest of their lives.