My boyfriend Matt and I adopted Scout (formerly Paige) from the SF SPCA a year ago. As I'm sure all adopters say, we couldn't be happier with our little Scout. We met Scout on her first day in the adoption center, after just having her spay surgery. The poor girl was cowering in the corner under three layers of blankets. But after a few minutes, she came out purring, rubbing her sharp little teeth on my knuckles. As soon as I saw her—crazy bushy tail, insanely long ear hair, the most beautiful golden eyes, mile-long whiskers—I knew I HAD to have this kitty. After a few days of not knowing what to name her (Matt was gunning for Radagast...glad that one didn't stick), we decided to go with Scout (aka "Scout A Lout", "Baby Scout", "Scouty Scoutster", "Loutster", "Lout Monster", or "furry creature that lives in our apartment"). Now a year later, she's still the sweet little furry creature that lives in our apartment who's so full of love and affection, and she's even grown into her ear hair! We frequently check in on her "catness" by presenting her with boxes to sit in, catnip to sniff, or foreheads to lick (not really sure about "catness" on that one, but for some reason she really loves to do that). And sure enough—she's a cat! Thank you to the SF SPCA for giving us the opportunity to enrich our lives so much with our little ball of fur.