Mona and Dr. Alfred Nobel, Twin Tuxes!

Mona (left) came to live with me as an orphaned five-week-old kitten in Boston in 2008 (Mona is Gaelic for "Little Nobel One"). She and I were both in need of some extra TLC at the time. In 2011, we moved with my now husband to San Francisco, and Mona has adjusted extremely well. She gets her veterinary care at the SF SPCA Pacific Heights Campus. In September 2015, I received a regular email from the SF SPCA about adoptions and Alfred (right) was featured as available. The moment I saw his picture, I knew he'd found his forever home. He was nearly identical to Mona! Every day for a week, I talked about Alfred. Finally, my husband suggested we go to meet him. Once we arrived at the Mission location, I couldn't get to him fast enough and was fearful that someone else there would get him first. When we walked in to meet him, I pet him and immediately began to cry. He literally had me at hello. His name at the shelter was Alfred, so we added Dr. Alfred Nobel, after the Nobel Peace Prize (or in our home, Nobel Paws Prize). He goes by Alfie, Little Guy, and Alfredo. He and Mona are beginning to be friends, and he has brought us such joy. We are so happy that he made his way to our little family!